Natural Deodorant - No Pong - FAQs

No Pong sounds too good to be true. Does it actually work?

Yeah it does!  No Pong tested it on the sweatiest, smelliest people and it literally eliminates armpit odour.  No Pong doesn’t believe in snake-oil cures, No Pong believe in science.  No Pong creates a pH environment that smelly armpit bacteria can’t survive.


Where is No Pong made?

Every tin of Australian No Pong is proudly Made In Australia with LOVE! 🇦🇺❤️


I’m a sweater, so I need an anti-perspirant so I don’t meet people with my ‘pits dripping wet’

No Pong is an extremely effective deodorant, but it is important to note that it is not an anti-perspirant, and does not contain ingredients (which are often aluminium based) designed to block sweat pores.

Anti-perspirants are actually a completely different category of product, and No Pong are conscious that they do not make those claims.

If you’ve been using anti-perspirants for some time you may find that you sweat more, but you have no body odour. No Pong have also had a lot of people find that after using No Pong for a longer period of time that they actually sweat much less than before, as their pores can breathe freely and their bodies are not constantly trying to produce as much sweat🙂


I have very sensitive skin, which No Pong should I try?

No Pong created the Bicarb Free version for those people who are sensitive to bicarb based deodorants (theirs and others).  Some people can be sensitive to bicarb based products, so if you’re not sure or if you have sensitive skin, then No Pong recommend that you try their No Pong Bicarb Free product.

You can check out the full list of ingredients HERE

No Pong would definitely recommend, as with any product, and as it says on the tin, that you stop using the product if you have any irritation.


Urgh, I don’t want to use my fingers to put deodorant on

Why not?  It’s just like a lotion or a cream.  No big deal!


What does it smell like?

No Pong have designed the product to have light, fresh, gender-neutral fragrances. They are barely noticeable when worn, and light enough that you can wear a fragrance/perfume over the top as well 🙂

No Pong describe their ORIGINAL fragrance as having notes of citrus, with a hint of vanilla. YUM.

The Vegan version is frangrance free.

Their full list of ingredients, including all of the 100% pure, certified organic essential oils in their fragrances are listed out HERE


Do you test on animals and are you cruelty free?

No Pong don’t test on animals at all, only on smelly, consenting humans and No Pong are certified cruelty free

What are your tins made out of and how do you open them?

No Pong tins are made out of a material called “tinplate” which is a combination of tin and steel, and fully recyclable.
No Pong don’t use aluminum, or plastic in their containers, and they’re designed strong and light.
To open the tin - grip the base of the tin firmly and lift the lid with your other hand.


I’m sensitive to sodium bicarbonate in skin care products?

If you have a known sensitivity to sodium bicarbonate (also known as bicarb, or baking soda), go for the bicarb free option.

It’s just as effective as the Original bicarb based No Pong, and contains a formula of premium, all natural ingredients to keep you smelling fresh all day.  Of course, No Pong wouldn’t release a product unless No Pong No Pong were sure it did what it says on the tin!

Of course, as with any skin care product, if you do notice any sensitivities No Pong suggest you stop using it right away.


It’s got coconut oil in it. Will it stain my clothes?

Unlike regular deodorants that often leave a white, powdery stain on your clothes, No Pong does not leave any residue on your clothes at all.

Important to note that you only need a little bit, to create a very very thin, clear layer that should be rubbed in well.  Please also wait a few minutes for it to absorb before putting on tight clothing. This should minimise any ability for it to transfer onto your shirts.

No Pong sticks to skin, not clothes.


How long does No Pong last on shelf?

No Pong is extremely resistant to microbial growth and No Pong conservatively say it will last for 12 months before opening, and 6 months after opening.  Each tin is designed to last about a month for most people so this should give everyone plenty of time!


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