FEGG - Bundle of 6

FEGG - Bundle of 6

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One set of each colour combo - Capri, Kyoto, Legian

Will they still be perfect if you drop them?  YES!

Will they look super cute and brighten up your day? YES!

Will they reduce single use plastic? YES!  (if that's what you have been defaulting to....)

Will it automatically refill when you blink your eyes twice?  Ummmmm no.  But when we nail that, I'll definitely send out an email.  And work out how to patent that.
Say goodbye to single use plastic cups and enjoy these poolside or in the park!  They are perfect for the unforgiving tile floors at home too!

The super fun colour combos will brighten up any event - even if it's Monday afternoon.  Plus the different colours ensure you know which one is yours!

Use them for wine, cocktails, water, smoothies, any beverage you like – you get the picture.  And as they are made from FDA-approved food grade silicone – odours and flavours don’t stick around.   

Silicone is created from silica, which is a product that is derived from sand.  Silicone is considered a sustainable choice if you will use it over and over again in replacement of plastic products that are less durable.  Given their quality, these babies will be around for some time.  Silicone has the benefits of plastic (won't break) but can be washed and used again and again and is an inert, low impact material.

The FEGG is foldable which makes it easy to transport, it’s beautiful to drink from, dishwasher safe, light and portable.
What’s the low down?

  • unbreakable tumblers
  • stemless
  • set of two as shown - packaged in gift box
  • 350ml | 12oz each
  • portable | lightweight
  • odourless | flavourless
  • easy clean and dishwasher safe (again if you are one of the seven people in Singapore that has a dishwasher)
  • FDA approved food-grade silicone
  • safe for use from -20 to +110 degrees centigrade
Presented as a set of two in a cute gift-box, FEGG is the perfect reusable cup and an awesome gift that will get regular use!