Natural Deodorant - No Pong
Natural Deodorant - No Pong
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Natural Deodorant - No Pong

No Pong
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Using or interested in natural deodorant?  And also want to reduce the impact of your deodorant on the planet?


What is pong?

Pong [ pong, pawng ]
Noun - an unpleasant smell; stink.
Verb (used without object) - to have a disagreeable smell; stink.

No one wants the pong.  I'll take No Pong thanks.  

This is MY FAV.  I've been using it for 6 years and I've put it through its paces in Aus and now Singapore.  This tropical climate is the TRUE test for a natural deodorant and for's a HIGH DISTINCTION.  I'm PONG FREE for a minimum 12 hours (and usually more!)

No Pong is THE ONE.  And it's made in Australia too!

Now natural deodorants versus antiperspirants.  I won't get on my soap box here about natural deodorants.  I'll let you do the research on that with resources more qualified than me.  But for me, using aluminium to block my pores from producing sweat doesn't seem great.  

Rather than mask body odour, block pores, use synthetic anti-microbial chemicals or rely on metal by-products; No Pong uses all-natural ingredients to create a water-resistant environment in which smelly armpit bacteria cannot survive — for all day freshness!

If you want a natural option that stands up to the challenge - No Pong does what it says.

It also comes in the most perfect little tin.  Yes, you have to apply it with your finger and rub it in like a lotion.  But this is an inconvenience of seconds to save on a TRUCK LOAD of plastic in conventional deodorants that usually can't be recycled.

It's packaged in a material called “tinplate” which is a combination of tin and steel, and is recyclable.  But before putting it in the recycling bin - see if you can reuse the tin!  They make great handy containers for earphones, jewellery when travelling, bobby pins and those other odds and ends that never seem to have a home. Pop a label on and you're winning in the organization stakes.  (Whack them in a zip pouch for PEAK organization!)

I've got THREE options:

  • Original - A ridiculously effective, super-natural, bicarb based deodorant that No Pong designed to be the smoothest, creamiest, most effective deodorant on the market.  Citrus scent with a hint of vanilla that keeps you smelling great all day! 
  • Bicarb Free - A Bicarb Free formula for sensitive skin and with the Original classic fragrance at half strength.  This was created especially for people sensitive to bicarb-based deodorants and fragrances.  This is the one I use!  If you have any kind of skin sensitivity - this is the one for you.
  • Vegan Fragrance Free - The award-winning Vegan formulation that replaces beeswax for a range of natural plant based waxes and nourishing vitamin E. With a low-bicarb formula and fragrance free, this one is loved by all skin types and genders.


With hundreds of thousands of brilliant customers globally, No Pong is making Australia (and the world) a fresher place to be, one armpit at a time!  


No Pong is guaranteed to be 100% paraben, aluminium, cruelty and plastic free.  FOREVER.


Want more info?  If that's a YES - I've got a dedicated FAQ page HERE

Want the full list of ingredients? Take yourself HERE.

BUT - if you need something else - please send me and email and I will do my best to provide more info!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Priya C.P.
Good stuff

I’m never going back to a spray deo ever again! This is a fantastic product that is easy to apply and truly does the job.
Not only does it keep me feeling fresh all day, it is non-greasy, non-powdery and there is zero residue!

Kendall H.
Great Natural Product

A great long lasting and effective product, especially considering it has Singapore weather to stand up to! Nice to be able to buy an Aussie-made product as well.

Best deo even

I’m really impressed with this natural deo.
It is easy to use, efficient and does the trick without leave a smell on my cloths. It is really all day freshness and it looks like it even makes me sweat less!

corinne g.
No Pong with No Pong

I’ve been wanting to try a natural deodorant for a while but was sceptical about it working-especially in the Singapore heat. But wowzers, all my fears were cast aside as soon as I tried No Pong. Even after exercise my pits are still fresh as a daisy! I’m amazed. I’ll never go back to that chemical nonsense again. Well done Ebonie for bringing another awesome product to the little red dot

Rashmi A.
No Pong - Bicarb Free

Love the product, works as efficiently as my previous store bought roll on without all the nasties!!
Perfect for the crazy Singapore heat!