Celebrating the Artists of the SomerSide Collaborations

Art has the magical ability to capture moments, cultures and emotions, weaving them into a tapestry of creativity that speaks to our hearts.
It is an absolute privilege to introduce you to six exceptional artists whose work will no doubt spark joy every time you use your towel or beach mat. From the rich traditions of Indigenous art to the whimsical world of travel-inspired illustrations, these artists invite you to step into their kaleidoscope of colours on your SomerSide.


T'keyah Ware: Indigenous Traditions in Living Colours

Camping Under the Moonlight - Beach Towel & Beach Mat

Meet T'keyah Ware, a rising star in the world of art whose roots trace back to the Antikirinya-Yankuntjatjarra and Wirangu/Kokatha/Narrunga people. T'keyah's journey began at the age of 15 when she learned the intricate art of dot painting from her mother, Kelly Taylor. Her pieces are a testament to the knowledge passed down from her great grandmother, Millie Taylor. T'keyah's "Camping Under the Moonlight" showcases her unique style of "creeper dots," a stunning arrangement of colours that captures the essence of her family's ancestral journey. With dreams of building an impressive collection, T'keyah's dedication to her art and culture is truly inspiring.


 Murdie Nampijinpa Morris: Wild Dogs and Vivid Hues

Two Dogs Dreaming - Beach Towel & Beach Mat

Murdie Morris, a senior custodian of country, hails from the vast Tanami Desert in Australia. Her art captures the Maliki, or wild dog dreaming, a story that resonates with the Namitjinpa/Tjampitjinpa and Nangala/Tjangala people. Murdie's style is a symphony of colours that breaks the mould of traditional Aboriginal art. Her pastel palette, boasting tangy oranges, candy pinks, and hippie-chic mauves, dances across the canvas, reflecting her audacious spirit. With each brushstroke, she takes you on a journey from Lajamanu to Nyiripi, sharing the land's tales through an explosion of colour and creativity.


Zachary Bennett-Brook [Saltwater Dreamtime]: Surfing on the Waves of Cultural Heritage

SaltWater - Beach Towel & Beach Mat

Zachary Bennett-Brook, an award-winning artist, knows the deep connection between his Torres Strait Islander heritage and the ocean. Growing up in Wollongong, Dharawal Country, he found solace in the waters that were ingrained in his cultural legacy. His artwork is a beautiful fusion of contemporary Indigenous culture and surf vibes. With an impressive international reach, Zachary's pieces bring the ocean's hues to life, intertwining stories of heritage and adventure in every brushstroke.  Zachary is also the artist behind the incredible Aussie Dreamtime artwork currently available in towel size.


Natalie Jade: Stars, Spirituality, and Healing Colours

Seven Sisters Dreaming - Beach Towel & Beach Mat

Natalie Jade's art is a window into her soul. A contemporary Aboriginal and abstract artist, she infuses her creations with healing energy. Her works explore her connection to her Aboriginal heritage, with pieces like "Seven Sisters Dreaming" reflecting the significance of the Pleiades Star cluster. Natalie's artistic journey is a testimony to her growth and self-discovery, all while embracing her cultural roots. With a vibrant palette and a touch of ancestral guidance, her creations are not just art—they're a path to healing.


Carolyn Gavin: A World of Playful Patterns and Joyful Colours

Daisy Chain - Beach Towel & Beach Mat

Carolyn Gavin, a painter, illustrator, and designer, is a true colour enthusiast. Hailing from Canada by way of South Africa, her artwork embodies a playful, vibrant, and happy spirit. Inspired by travel, nature, and the world around her, Carolyn's style is an explosion of colours and patterns. From her Toronto studio to her Belize home, Carolyn's artistry embraces the beauty and creativity that life offers. Her work resonates with joy, creativity, and a zest for living.


Stephanie of Roam Slow Studio: Capturing Travel's Essence

Jungle Surfer – Beach Mat

From the enchanting landscapes of Cornwall to the boundless beauty of van-travel, Stephanie of Roam Slow Studio creates art that embodies her journey. Inspired by her travels and the Cornish coastline, Stephanie's illustrations convey warmth and nostalgia. With a touch of whimsy and a limited colour palette, her work is a celebration of the surf, sand, and sun-soaked adventures that shape her world. Through her van travels, Stephanie captures the essence of life in every brushstroke.



It is an absolute JOY to have the beauty of these artists available on SomerSide towels and beach mats to share with you all in Singapore.  In doing so, we celebrate the diverse narratives and creative spirit that define these six artists. Each stroke of colour, every blend of hue, tells a story—an ode to culture, heritage, emotion, and adventure. From dot painting traditions to contemporary abstracts, from surf-inspired illustrations to healing colour palettes, these artists share their gift so generously.


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