Picnic mat versus Beach mat - which one to choose?!?!?

There is a question I’ve been asked a few times recently….

Would you recommend the SomerSide beach mat or the Project Ten picnic mat? 🤔


Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it….), there is no simple answer as each product has it’s pros and cons.

So it’s time to REAWAKEN the blog and put it all down on paper (well, screen!) for you!

I’ve set this up as the FOUR W’s.  What are the 4 W’s I hear you ask? 

Well I think the following four words that begin with W (the 4W’s) are the most important factors for your choice:





And I couldn’t think of another W word so the rest went in


(which is an upside down W so……)


What am I on about?  Let’s get into the DETAIL.



A BIG difference between the SomerSide beach mat and the Project Ten picnic mat is the weight and size.  Head to head, the picnic mats are definitely in a heavier weight division. 

Weighing in at 1.7kg (close to 4 pounds), the Project Ten picnic mat is heavier than the SomerSide Beach Mat which is only a teeny tiny 650 grams (1 ¼ pounds)!!! 

An additional benefit of the extra weight in the Project Ten picnic mat is the STAY PUT FACTOR.  If it’s breezy, the picnic mat corners are more likely to stay put than the beach mat.

Even though there is a big difference in weight and size when folded up, they are both around the same size when open:

  • SomerSide Beach Mat: 160cm x 160cm (5 ¼ feet)
  • Project Ten Picnic Mat: 152cm x 152 cm (5 feet)

Perfect for a little group to enjoy!  



But with the weight difference comes what could be a DECIDING FACTOR for you.

The Project Ten picnic mats are 100% WATERPROOF. They have the most beautiful smooth underside (did I just say that?) which repels water. Given how often we have rain….and how long the ground can take to dry up….we are often picnic-ing in damp conditions in Singapore – so a waterproof mat could be a wet-butt saver.

Given the SomerSide beach mat can also perform as a towel (more on that below!) it is most definitely NOT waterproof. Use this in wet conditions and it will try to absorb double it’s weight in water.
But if you are a fairweather “picnicker” (no judgement) and you are using this more on the sand than the grass….the SomerSide beach mat could be THE ONE for you.

Onto the next W…..


Two very different WASH methods – both with pros and cons.

Spill food or drink on the picnic mat and it’s just an easy wipe down. The surface of the mat also repels water so it’s super easy to keep clean (just wipe it with a cloth!) or if it gets really messy – a hose down (in the shower or the like) is recommended. Like everything in Singapore – make sure the mat is FULLY dry before you fold it up (air dry only). Otherwise there is a 99.9% probability of opening it up to a forest of mould. NOT RECOMMENDED. 🤢

The SomerSide beach mats are super absorbent and this includes absorbing guacamole (my kids road tested this the other week). BUT NEVER FEAR… wipe it off….and when you get home…throw it in the wash on a cool (max 30°C or 86°F) cycle – preferably in a Guppy Bag or the like to avoid microplastics washing down the drain (then air dry only). These towels and beach mats wash up BEAUTIFULLY, dry SO QUICKLY and will be ready for another adventure in no time (and will continue to soften up over time!).


What is this W? Well I have to admit….sometimes people choose just on the basis of a print stealing their heart. I get it. And I love it.
The prints on all of these mats are awesome. And so different. So if you really can’t decide….the print that you gotta have may be the deciding WOW FACTOR.


The old upside down W – M for miscellaneous.

There is a BIG PLUS for the multipurpose benefit in the SomerSide beach mats. Use it as a mat while you are swimming, then shake off the sand/grass and it will be good to go to use as a towel to dry off with.  Whole families have been known to dry off with this beach mat. WINNING.  



ONE thing the picnic mat and beach mat do have in common is the AMAZING ability to plant a tree EVERY SINGLE time they are purchased.  Well, they don't actually do it...The Bright Campaign pays someone to do it...but same same.  #buyoneplantone (See the tree planting info & counter here)


So that is my summary of Project Ten picnic mat versus SomerSide beach mat.

Now it’s up to you to decide what’s more important!

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And if you need some words from someone who isn’t me….there are some VERY helpful reviews at the bottom of each of the product pages.

PLUS I’m always available for any Qs you may have – send me an email hello@thebrightcampaign.sg or DM me on social media.