What is the best earring size for me?

If you are looking for some real life examples of the Single Use Multiverse earring sizes.....you are IN THE RIGHT SPOT!

As much as I have tried to keep them all to scale on the Earrings collections page....sometimes you just want to see them on a real person.  Well that person is ME!  Excuse my goon head on repeat below....hiring models isn't in The Bright Campaign budget....just yet! 

And a note on my head size - I would say I have a large head (hats hardly ever fit me!) and small ears - so try to take that into account too!  (Should I just include a cm and inch measurement?  Let me know!)


Let's start BIG with the MEGA dangles......

Three styles sit in this category:


Currently the Rubble comes in two colourways right now: multi and blue & purple.

Eyes and Colleen have one colour option only! (But pretty awesome ones at that!)


Okay stepping down a little in size but staying with the dangles....for want of a better term, I'll call these the BIGGER dangles....

The Shimmy is available in a bright colour combo at the moment.

The Nicola comes in colour bomb, gold on black and orange multi.


Still a bit too big for you?!?

Step down to the creatively named - SMALLER dangles.

The Nicola Baby comes in the colour bomb and is such a gorgeous size!

Celeste is a similar size but the hoop is a little wider - this comes in the mustard and spotty blue.

Ariel is a quirky shape on a hoop!  In a fav colour combo of pink-red-gold.

Remi is such a fun and funky design currently in purple, blue, yellow.

Round drop is a great size in the colour bomb.

And if you want to make it super hard for yourself....go for the gem drop dangle as there are so many colours to choose from!  Dark blue, Blue-copper, pink-red, spotty black & black planet.


Then we roll on to studs. 

You will forget you have these on. Light and small and COMFORTABLE!  But with the super power of jazzing up any day!

Five gorgeous options in the studs!

The largest is the Round stud - colour bomb, black planet & pink-red-gold.

Gem stud is a dainty option in the pink-red-gold.

Half circle is also funky - blue-copper & colour bomb.

Triangle is a winner for every day - colour bomb, black-gold & spotty blue.

Then the cutest little button on your ear!  The mini round stud - pink planet & blue planet.


I hope this helps you get a better idea on sizing for the Single Use Multiverse earrings.  Take a look at all the options side by side on the Earring collection page.

If you have any questions - I'd love to hear from you!  Email me, whatsapp me, call me or message me on social media. 

It is my mission to make sure you are happy with your purchase! 




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