I love giving gifts that people will use.  And use OFTEN.  

And when that gift is going to be used often AND is better for the planet?  Well....that's when I'm PEAKING!  

You may be giving to others right on this little red dot, you might be mailing the special goodies or you might be taking them in a suitcase with you!  If the gift is travelling - I've got lots of wonderful options on the site that are light and small.

I would be delighted if you selected something from my store to gift to your loved ones!  Please send me an email if you have any queries - I would love to be able to help!

I think pretty much all of the products on the website make for ripper gifts! Practical but beautiful, will definitely be used on the regular and super FUN. Make you smile fun. 100% GUARANTEED to brighten the recipient’s day and weeks to come! They will think of you every time they use that product!

So let's get into it!


For the Beach (or pool) Lover 

Once you’ve used SomerSide….you won’t go back to lugging heavy & bulky towels ever again!  These towels and beach mats are SUPER quick drying, incredibly compact & lightweight, sand free (it just flicks off!), odour resistant and ACTUALLY absorbent.  This clever product is a one stop shop when it comes to towels – beach and pool obviously but also great to take to the gym or to travel with.  The hardest part – picking which print is for THE ONE for your loved one!  There are so many beauties to choose from!   

See them all HERE [$74.95 - $99.95]


For the Host (that loves colour)

Bright Threads Napkins are sure to add some fun to ANY dining table this holiday season and for every season after that!  With good care, they are linen for a lifetime.  They are made with the highest quality linen that founder Alice could find and she works very closely with her team in Bali to ensure ethical production and that waste is minimised.  Alice wants you to "be brave with colour. Play with bold colours and break the rules around what you think matches to create a table that is as vibrant and as bright as the conversations around it."

Five stunning prints available here [$95]


For the "Schlepper" - the person who loves (or has) to #carryallthethings 

It's time to TOTE IT.  Oversize, Medium or Shopper?  Again – it’s a tough call, but you know your friend and how much they LOVE TO LUG (or have to lug).  Every single one of these babies folds down to an A4 notebook size or less…..plus super light (no excess baggage here).  And the thick woven straps that don't dig in - make it awesome to use on the DAILY. I really love the shopper as a great teacher gift!  The prints are guaranteed to brighten days and make errands just a little more exciting.

See them all HERE 

BONUS idea - the wine cooler bags are ACE.  Gift it with a bottle of their fav!


For the Coffee Lover

There is a reason why these cups have won MULTIPLE design awards.  I come from the coffee capital of the world (Melbourne 😆), I am obsessed (possibly addicted) to the glorious brown nectar and I have tried so many reusable coffee cups in my time.  These are THE BEST.  And everyone who tries them agrees!

Gorgeous colours in a matte feel and two sizes on offer.

See them all HERE 


For the TEA lover (OR someone who HAS to have their beverage chilled or hot!)

Insulated infuser Flasks are the way of the future.  Use it for tea. Use it for citrus or another fruit.  Use it to keep your ice actually in your bottle.  Use it for hot.  Use it for cold.  The high quality insulation works so well to keep things the right temp.  Optional sports lid if you need to sip on the go.

See all the options available here

For the traveller or light packer

Okay, okay a water bottle might not be the most INSPIRED idea….it’s probably in the same category as sock and jocks. But this is a ROLLABOTTLE.  AND – how good is it to be hydrated?  How thoughtful is the person that wants YOU to be hydrated every single day – glowing and energetic and all that?  PLUS – not lugging heavy bottles, plus saving space when empty, plus giving you that SWEET satisfaction of rolling inside out to clean?  I tell you what – that is one AMAZING friend (this is YOU!).

They are also a GREAT gift for kids!

See them all HERE (if you want a custom combo - send me a DM or email and if I can make it, I will!)






Then I’ve got one more little idea for you…..a Project Ten zip pouch or pocket shopper as “wrapping”. I love how wrapping paper looks….I don’t love how it is usually quickly tossed!  A zip pouch can beautifully wrap a recipe book (or any other kind of book!)….some hand or body cream…chocolate or other yums…..or any other ideas you may have!  Pocket shoppers (especially the large!) can fit so many things and you can tie them up quite beautifully!  You may wish to whack a bow on a zip pouch on if you want to get fancy….but either way, you have two gifts in one!  The wrapping that just keeps on giving!


Find all the zip pouches HERE , large pocket shoppers HERE and regular pocket shoppers HERE


And don't forget - the additional little gift to the planet you will be giving with every single item purchased at The Bright Campaign - #buyoneplantone.  You can find out more about planting a tree for every purchase here.  PLUS - clicking through the tree counter at the bottom of that page you can also purchase additional trees in The Bright Campaign forest for the person who has everything!  (And is a Mother Earth fan - who isn't?) 


Gifts for friends. 

Gifts for family. 

Gifts for partners. 

Gifts for mums. 

Gifts for dads.

Gifts for teachers. 

Gifts for colleagues.

Gifts for legends you are grateful for over 2022. (That's a long list!) 

I really feel like there is something for everyone on the site.


Still can't decide? (Or need it NOW?)  I have e-gift cards available right HERE


It’s the best feeling to give a gift that the recipient can (and wants) to use again and again. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts/ideas/questions!  You can always send me an email HERE

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Christmas.


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