Bright Threads

I'm so excited to have Bright Threads in The Bright Campaign stable.

Stunning table linen that is modern, fun and colourful. TICK TICK and TICK.

A brand and founder that is committed to supporting their production team and reducing waste as much as possible. Two more BIG TICKS.

And with BRIGHT in each of the brand names - it is a match made in heaven!

I have been a fan of Bright Threads ever since I came across them on Instagram (I can’t remember exactly how but I think it was in 2019).  I bought some napkins for myself in 2020 and they have been a GO-TO GIFT option for friends and family since then.  

I adore cooking and entertaining so having a brand in this space on the site is a real joy for me.  Especially given how much the founder Alice does to ensure ethical production and minimising waste.   She truly cares for her team and it is a delight to see the relationship she has with her people.  (You will often see Alice documenting her trips to Bali on Instagram.)

You can see all of the prints and details here or read on for more details about the brand and Alice.

These really are special napkins and I wanted to share more of the story of the founder Alice.  I particularly love the second last paragraph: "I want you to be brave with colour. I want to play with bold colours and break the rules around what you think matches to create a table that is as vibrant and as bright as the conversations around it."

-Ebonie x


Here is Alice's story:

"Bright Threads was born from my own search for luxe linen in bold colours and fun patterns.  As my husband and I planned our wedding, I couldn’t find good quality linen for hire that wasn’t plain white. But there is a lot more to this story and it started when I was young.

Some of my earliest memories involve long lunches and raucous dinner parties. As a child, there was nothing sweeter than coming out to the dining room the next morning and finding an after dinner mint that had been left behind.

So it’s not surprising that I feel most at home gathering people around a table.

In my twenties, I would host long lunches at Mum’s. I’d invite old and new friends and even people I’d met the night before. The table settings were as eclectic as the crowd around the table, with mismatched crockery, cutlery and stemware. I would raid the linen cupboard to complete the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party vibe.

I started my working life in restaurants in Adelaide, which was an opportunity to indulge both a love of food and wine. During that time, I also teamed up with a couple of chef mates to organise a series of underground dinners. We hosted these events in a park, a hair salon and hall with guests only finding out the location on the day. While my mates ran the kitchen, I was out on the floor making sure people enjoyed the food and wine.

These were super fun events but soon Sydney and the world of selling wine called. So I headed east for a few years.

A couple of years later, I jumped at the chance to be a wine rep in Beijing. Those years were amazing, being part of Beijing’s growing hospitality scene, delivering wine by bicycle and travelling through Asia.

It was during that time that I finally got together with my future husband (we had been mates for over a decade). Before long I had relocated to the Barossa, continuing to sell wine in Adelaide.

Wedding plans were happening and I couldn’t find good quality linen for hire that wasn’t plain white.

When we finished renovating the house on our vineyard property, I had the space to gather my friends and indulge my love of the Sunday long lunch.  We had spectacular views, a mutual love of cooking and a cellar full of wine. There was just one thing missing.....

I wanted luxe linen in bold colours and vibrant patterns. Linen to last a lifetime of rosé fuelled long lunches.  The good quality linen was often boring. The great prints and colours poor quality, designed to only last a season.  I wanted the linen that I could build a collection around, the sort of linen that would last long enough for my son and daughter to be using it one day.

And so, while on maternity leave with my daughter, I took the leap and Bright Threads was born.

Wanting a high-quality product that was luxurious, recyclable and biodegradable, I decided to work with 100 percent linen.  With my designer, I created collections of patterns and prints with the intention that they all work together.

Then came the stressful process of finding a good quality screen printer – which lead me to Bali. After many meetings, motorbike taxi rides G&T's and buckets of Bintang, I found a great team. Using traditional Balinese methods, they screen-print by hand - transforming my designs into beautiful fabric.

With my boss lady led sewing team in Seminyak, the fabric is turned into napkins, runners and tablecloths. And recently I have added cotton baby swaddles and tea towels. Bright Threads linens are hand made with attention to detail ensuring that with proper care and attention, your linen will last a lifetime.

Colourful geometric prints are designed to mix and match with the limited edition patterned collections. Some pieces are limited, while others, like the popular Australian Flora collection are destined to be part of the portfolio for years to come.

But Bright Threads is more than just luxurious linen.

I want you to be brave with colour. I want to play with bold colours and break the rules around what you think matches to create a table that is as vibrant and as bright as the conversations around it.

For lovers of luxe linen and long lunches, Bright Threads is table top linen turned on its head.



See the range of Bright Threads here with more prints launching at Boutique Fairs March 17-19 2023!