First Birthday Sale!

I can't believe this little business of mine is one year old.  A year ago I switched on the website and wondered if anyone would find it.  I had some wonderful friends order which was SO EXCITING.  But the real BIG MOMENT came when someone I didn't know placed an order.  



DID THIS REALLY JUST HAPPEN?!?!?!? (Thanks Becca! And Chantal! 😘)

I still get super excited for every single order. And it's never lost on me that there are thousands (millions?) of websites, competing for your attention and that you chose this one.  

I am so thankful.

So to express my thanks and to celebrate - I've got a gift coming with EVERY single order this week! (See details below & while stocks last!

PLUS a storewide sale of 15% off!  

Grab the ripper products you've had your eyes on for yourself or for any birthdays or other gifting occasions coming up.  Brighten your day or someone else's!

Thanks for being here and for being part of year one of The Bright Campaign!  What's going to happen in year 2?  I'm not 100% sure.  But it's going to be BRIGHT!

-Ebonie x


For more detail on escential the body tonic - you can find them here!