Birthday Sale!

    Two years.  Wow. 

    I didn't really set a timeframe when I started the business.  I just started.
    But to look back at the last two's pretty special. 

    I've tried lots of things - some worked and some didn't.  I've met so many amazing people.  We have planted a FOREST of TREES!  (VERY close to 4k! 😳)  #buyoneplantone

    And I am so lucky, as I have THE BEST customers.  THE. BEST.

    YOU - are the only reason the business is still going into year three.
    So to celebrate and to say thank you...

    PLUS there is a little gift coming with EVERY order this week. 
    (While stocks last - see below for the deets!)
    Thank you.  For finding me, for liking and laughing on social media and generally supporting this biz and me trying to make our little red dot a little bit brighter. 🌈

    I am truly grateful.

    I would love for you to give beeswax wraps a try (or add to your collection!).
    Therefore, with every order this week (while stocks last) I'll be adding in the cutest little lobster beeswax wrap valued at $10.90. Hand crafted right here in Singapore with premium cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil.

    And if you don't know how to use them, there are instructions on the back and we will be sharing some tips and tricks this week on Instagram!   

    Kai from Minimakers runs an incredible business with a real commitment to doing good.  Their key mission is to reduce plastic cling wrap use but Minimakers is also a social enterprise member of Raise. 

    I'm so delighted to be partnering with Kai on this promotion.

    Let's party!


    *Bonus Gift while stocks last.
    *Discount available until Fri 16th Sept 2022 midnight